Basic Orchid Culture

Regardless of which types of orchids you grow, to do it well you will have to provide adequate levels of each of the following items. You can click on each to see some recommendations and discussion on those topics.

Orchids are native to just about every environment in the world and therefore the conditions they require vary widely. It has been my experience that for a beginner, it makes sense to start with species that fit your existing conditions with a minimal level of modifications. For example, Disas may be beautiful but it would be very difficult for me to provide the conditions they require. On the other hand, most hybrid Cattleyas can thrive with humidity, temperature, and light levels that are generally easy to provide. So then water them right, feed them occasionally, repot them in a media that works for your location and your plants will grow and bloom.

Generally I will try a new category of plants that appeals to me but if I find that they don't grow well under my conditions, I will move on to something that does better for me. Not everyone agrees with this philosophy. Many people love to grow difficult things. I categorize orchid growers in the following groups (see which group you or someone you know fits within):